TEP comes from Translation, Editing, and Proof. This service offered by Nova Translate is practically a package service for those who seek the best possible quality for their projects.

The involvement of two translators and a reviewer is mandatory for all TEP tasks. They all need to have expert knowledge of the field as well as native language proficiency (as a native speaker would have).

The end result of the TEP service is not a basic translation but much more. This service includes detailed cultural appropriation among other linguistic nuances transferred in the target text.
This is one of the most complex services in our work and comprises of almost 80% of our daily projects.

Since we always follow the standard procedure for this type of service, we are able to provide our customers with quality that often exceeds the level required by standard 17100:2015 — a standard fundamental for every professional expert in the translation sector.

Often referred to as Translation-Edit-Proof this approach in translating documents is getting more popular than ever because the quality of the end product is guaranteed by not one, not two, but three experts which practically eliminates the chance of errors.

You do not want to compromise with the translation of your important documentation? You want a whole team of linguists to guarantee the perfect translation of your texts? You want to make a wonderful impression in your global partners?

By putting your trust in Nova Translate you will find experienced professionals, high quality, competitive prices and short deadlines for your projects! Do not hesitate — call us today!

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