One of the most underestimated services in the range of services offered by translation agencies is proofreading or for those unfamiliar with the term — reading the text and fixing any linguistic mistakes if such are being found.

The difference between proofreading and editing is that texts are edited based on the source text (both the source and target texts are part of the process) whereas only the target text is involved in the process of proofreading. Actually, not only translations can be proofread but any documents that you want to make sure are free of linguistic errors.

We specialize in proofreading of low-budget translations. Often our partners want to make sure of the quality of important translations previously implemented by other translation agencies.
This service is part of the stages of all of our projects, but many agencies overlook it because they want to lower the final price of their services by using less resources.

As a translation agency with long experience on the market, we are aware that many of our customers in Bulgaria prefer the lower prices of agencies that are not yet very well known. But could you trust the quality of their services with prices this low?

Proofreading aims at ensuring customers that translations made by low-budget translation agencies won’t discredit them or their business.

When to use this service?

There are number of cases when proofreading is advisable:

Translations should not be made word-for-word—at the end of the process we have to be sure that the target text is appropriately structured, its terminology is modern and relevant, and it is free of any linguistic mistakes such as typos, punctuation, grammar, etc.

If you do not compromise with quality, this service offered by Nova Translate is meant for people like you!

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