In an increasingly globalized and technically developed world, the service that no reputable translation agency should ignore is post-editing.

This is the process where the translation is generated by a machine and edited by a linguist. For best results, it is a good idea to adapt the source text for machine translation using the principles of the so-called controlled natural language.

Although the quality of machine-translated texts is surprisingly high, it must always be reviewed by a person since the MT often contains awkward translations or even ridiculous ones that can lead to embarrassment to those counting solely on it. Regardless of how advanced technologies are (in particular the machine translation engines), good translation is more of an art form and counting only on a machine is not advisable.

There are two types of post-edit – light and full. Light post-edit requires only superficial and light changes to the translated text with the purpose of clearing its more severe errors, whereas full post-edit requires an overall review — fixing all linguistic, stylistic and semantic mistakes achieving a level of accuracy equal to a text translated by a human linguist.

One of the main purposes set in our corporate culture is the strive for innovations and being up-to-date with the modern world. Therefore, we also offer post-editing, and this is why we excel in it.

The work process we have adapted for this service is not at all complicated: We receive generated machine translation in a CAT tool or exported text file (.doc, .docx, etc.), our customer indicates the necessary degree of post-edit for the given project, and the text is forwarded to a linguist for post-editing. If the customer requires it, the post-edited text can be sent for a follow-up review by a second linguist.

You use a machine translation engine and you are looking for a partner for the post-editing part of the process? Choose Nova Translate and we won’t let you down.

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