Using LQA is well known practice in the B2B segment of the most developed economies in the world. This service aims at analysing the translated materials and providing objective assessment of the quality of the end product.

This means that the quality of the translated and possibly reviewed text is assessed by a third party. This independent assessment aims at objectively analysing multiple aspects of the translated text, such as the level of proficiency of both the target and source text, check-up of the compliance with specific requirements, terminology, style, etc.

Why do you need LQA?

This service is suitable to everyone who wants undisputed quality of their translated texts. LQA is a multi-step process that goes through standardized procedures to guarantee perfect result for the customer.

Nova Translate follows the so-called 3Q methodology when being assigned a LQA task:

Another important aspect of the quality assessment is using specialized dictionaries that transfer the information adequately even in areas in which the terminology is highly specific.

Below you can find several reasons why you should choose Nova Translate as a partner in your LQA projects:

You need an assessment of an old translation? You are looking for an independent agency to confirm the quality of a service you have already been using? We believe that you wouldn’t want to discredit yourself before your global parents with poor grammar of their native language.

Nova Translate is a reliable partner in guaranteeing the quality of your materials!

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