Legalization is one of the top services offered by Nova Translate to customers who need to use documents outside Bulgaria.

Nova Translate has concluded a contract with the Consulate Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria for certifying translations of state documents with international significance. That is why we can easily legalize the documents you need to use abroad.

What does legalization mean?

Different documents are legalized differently. Often this is done through the so-called Apostille which is used as verification before the authorities of other countries. The Apostille can be issued by the countries that are members in the Hague Convention in 1961.

Apostille is a state certification that follows standard rules and it is issued by various state institutions in Bulgaria, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which certifies multiple documents and the translations from Bulgarian into foreign languages, the Ministry of Education and Science which certifies documents issued by educational institutions, the Ministry of Justice, etc. Since 2018, notaries certify the translations to Bulgarian as the presence of the certified translator is requested.

Nova Translate works with more than 120 certified translators specializing in the translation of over 50 languages so that we can adequately meet your needs.

With us you can legalize:

If a translation is required (which is most often the case), the document is translated by a certified (sworn) translator who verifies the fidelity of the translation with his/her signature. Afterwards, the document is legalized by the appropriate institution.

You want fast, easy and convenient way to legalize your important documents? You are in a hurry but don’t want to be overcharged? Nova Translate is a reliable partner every time you need your documents legalized!

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