Real-time Interpreting is the biggest challenge for every translator. Dynamical conversations require a quick decision-making process that always contributes to achieving perfect communication.

Our long-term and diverse professional experience in interpreting is the reason why you should choose us for helping you achieve smooth and beneficial communication. There are different types of interpreting and two of the most common are simultaneous and consecutive interpreting.

Simultaneous Interpreting

The so-called simultaneous interpreting happens real-time. Often the interpreter wears headphones and is located in a booth. The simultaneous interpreting is suitable for longer communication sessions and events because it allows switching interpreters every couple of hours which is extremely important if the event takes longer than expected.

Several interpreters (most often two) are used. The key aspect of the process is that the translation is synchronized with the words of the speaker before the audience. This kind of services is often required in every aspect of economy that has gone beyond the national borders.

Simultaneous interpreting is used in number of cases, among which:

Consecutive Interpreting

In contrast to simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting does not occur at the same time the speaker is talking. The translator conveys the message while the speaker pauses. This is one of the most widely used approaches at international business or public events.

Consecutive interpreting is particularly popular in the following situations:

We are perfectly aware how important it is for our customers and partners to be able to count on our professionalism in key moments. They trust us to be next to them when they need medical, technological, legal and other interpretations because they know they can fully count on us and our professionalism.

You are looking for interpretation on a top level? The services of Nova Translate are opportunity that should not be missed!

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