Desktop Publishing (DTP) is a service that might be crucial for your overall project. The purpose of DTP is to provide an easy method of keeping the source formatting of the translated text as well as it statement and conception.

This is the final project stage which aims at mirroring the format of the translated text with the one of the source text. A wide spectrum of specialized graphic design software tools is used for this purpose while the end goal is providing a perfect layout of the target file.

Nova Translate manages to provide a DTP service that completely follows our customers’ desire to maintain the overall conception of a certain document regardless of the language of its text.

Desktop Publishing is fundamental in the document internationalization, including in the prepress stage. Through this service you would be able to maintain:

Nova Translate takes care of your translations on a complex level. Our team will culturally adapt your graphic content if it is not appropriate for the target audience in the respective country.

Using adapted solutions in conveying messages through text designated for the respective target group and 100% compliant with the design and statement of the respective document is part of our job.

Where is DTP used?

Why is DTP necessary?

The main reason to choose a service like that is to keep intact the layout of the translated document in respect to the source document. Often the translation could potentially discredit the overall conception of the text and that is why it is a good idea to keep the original message of the source.

The Nova Translate employees focused on DTP have long experience and wide spectrum of skills which help them handle with ease all sorts of files and requirements.

You need Desktop Publishing? You are looking for a high-quality DTP service that is going to provide you standardization without visual discrepancies with the original?

Nova Translate is the logical solution for everyone who wants undisputed quality, excellent price and quick implementation!

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