The translations of technical documentation in to Bulgarian often require strong knowledge of the specific terminology which allows the successful interpretation of the information as close to the source text as possible.

The wide use of terminology specific for the respective area is strategic for the successful implementation of technical translations. Often the aim of such translations is to facilitate the users of the technical documentation.

Regardless whether the translation is in the area of machine-building, production, the auto industry, or even user manuals for various appliances, these translations have to be extremely precise and they also require a different approach — being translated only by experts in the respective area.

Nova Translate has a team of experts who are specialist in the segment and they are going to be able to meet your expectations when it comes to the quality of your translation projects.

The wide range of terminology in the area of technical translations requires a number of qualities among which: rich term base, constant improvement and adaptation.

Why should you choose Nova Translate for your technical translations?

Among the most important translations in the sector are those of the white papers. This is also true for specialized user manuals of technological products.

Do not leave things to change when you need error-free technical translations — trust Nova Translate.

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