Considering the nature of all medical translations, calling them “important” would be an understatement. For this type of translations, choosing a professional translation agency with a team of experts in the area of medical documentation is crucial.

Would you risk yours or someone else’s health or life by choosing cheap translation service? Would you underestimate the correctness of the information used by doctors? Would you leave something this important to chance? Probably not!

The rich experience with medical and pharmaceutical documentation of our team is important to our customers who expect nothing but the best from us.

For the translation of this kind of documents we only use linguists with medical background because we know that sometimes our work can literally be the difference between life and death.
The in-depth knowledge of the area, the rich term base we have and our precision in details make us a preferred partner in the most important moments in life.

We are not just going to excel but we are going to do our best so that you can be completely satisfied of your final translation. Thanks to the innovative and highly efficient double-check of the translated texts, we guarantee excellent results in every aspect of our work avoiding any errors.

The medical translations are always checked by two editors so that we can be 100% sure that there are no omissions or unexpected interpretation.

Our specialists with long experience in medical and pharmaceutical translations constantly improve their knowledge so that they are aware of the latest advances of modern medicine.

Why should you trust Nova Translate?

When it is a matter of life and death and when compromising is not an option — choose Nova Translate!

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