The professional translations in the area of information technologies are key for the success of various IT products or services. If you plan international projects, the professional internationalization of your texts is crucial.

Overlooking the experience of the agency staff and the dynamics of the IT sector can lead to unpleasant consequences and decreased efficiency — something that our customers do not need to worry about.

Among the key elements which we strictly observe while translating software, web sites and various IT documentation is to maintain the usability and overall user experience for the audience of our customers.

Fundamental to the IT translations of Nova Translate is the smooth integration of the user interface.

The correct translation of your software solutions further contributes to the popularity of your applications on the respective market. Poor translation of UIs would make them less appealing even with a good advertising strategy.

Why Nova Translate?

If you are fed up by old-timers using deprecated terminology? If you do not want to compromise with the end product? If you want a solution perfect to the last detail?

Nova Translate is a professional translation agency that offers opportunities, provides perspectives, guarantees security and provokes trust in anyone who seeks perfection and does not leave things to chance.

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