We have an inside team of expert translators for the following services:

More than 10 000 project. More than 250 clients. More then 50 industries.

When we opened our first office in Bulgaria, we needed to localize the company website https://www.softone.bg/. We sent several inquiries to different companies but one of them stood out—not with their price or short deadline […]

We have been working with the Nova Translate team on several linguistic projects as we recently finished one of our corporate sites. We have remained extremely satisfied of their professionalism. Working on the texts was […]

We have worked with Nova Translate in the past 2 years and we have always received professional attitude and really good quality. We often have to translate long manuals of medical equipment that are always […]

We have been working with Nova Translate for 2 years and we are extremely happy with their services, way of conducting business and their ability to find a solution to each problem. We have translated […]

We translate mostly financial literature and company documents as often the deadlines we have for our projects are not particularly long. We have always counted on the professionalism of Nova Translate and we trust them […]

We often use the services of Nova Translate and they have never disappointed us. Our projects consist of mostly financial and technical documents that we need translated to various languages. Nova Translate is a partner […]


More than 10 000 project. More than 250 clients. More then 50 industries.